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A platform to find the right influencers, data and tools that you need execute influencer marketing campaigns and scale your business.

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         What you get when you join tyxt

The Social Influencer Marketing Platform with features that make your influencer marketing strategies air-tight, so that your campaign leads to better business.


Fake Follower Detection

AI and ML based tools detect and weed out fake followers, so that you get genuine influencers, always.

Multi Channel

A platform that offers solutions across all major social channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more.

Improve Google Business Reviews

Get better Google Business Reviews with approved users leaving feedback. 

Approve/Reject Influencer Requests

You control who you want to work with, with the power to approve or reject influencer requests.

Micro and Macro Influencers

Work with a wide variety of influencers, with follower-count ranging from 5,000 all the way up to 12M+.

Monthly Reports

Get reports on how your influencer marketing campaign is performing. Reach, impressions, taps and more.

Relevant influencers
with local followers

We analyse collected data and find the best influencers in all major cities in South Africa that perfectly fit your brand requirements.

  • Local followers
  • High engagement rates
  • Past-performence results
  • Nationality-based targetting

Easy, Efficient, Effective

The intuitive influencer marketing platform is designed for ease-of-use, where everything you need is at your fingertips.

  • Calendar of upcoming influencer activities
  • Free onboarding of team members
  • Brief of deliverables
  • Deliver products or promote location

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